Jun 2, 2013

The sky is the limit for a Haredi pilot

An 18 year old Chabadnik might be the first Haredi to break in to the elite club of Air Force pilots. he has a long way to go, but he is the first to have the chance to do so.

According to Kikar, Yediot Achronot recently reported about Y (his name is not revealed for security reasons) joining the pilots training course of the Air Force. This is a tremendously difficult course to get accepted to, and it is only the beginning of a very long and difficult process. Most people in the course either drop out along the way or are disqualified. The fact that he got in is amazing and is indicative of tremendous motivation and potential, but he has a long way to go still.

Y told his family that he is proud to be drafted into the IDF and to protect the Jewish people, especially in such a significant position. Y wants to show that one can be a frum Jew, keeping Torah and mitzvos, while serving in special units in the IDF.

His family is supportive of his decision, but they stress that they are not calling on all haredim to go to the army. they would have preferred Y stay in yeshiva, and both Torah learnign and the IDF are important to protect the nation. As soon as Y decided he was not going to stay in yeshiva, they were supportive of his decision and encouraging so that he would have the ability and emotional support to survive the army and remain religious while doing so.

Y is a graduate of the first ever Haredi army preparatory school called "HaMedrasha l'Manhigut Toranit". Much about this institution is kept secret, so as to avoid the pressure and attention they expect would be directed at it with too much exposure. As far as I can tell, the name of it is Netivey-Ohr. If they could produce someone like Y, they must be doing a good job.

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  1. Um,...since when does Chabbad count as Haredi?

    The Me'ah She'arim expression goes something like this:

    חב"ד? חב"ד איז יותר ציאייני פון די ציאיינים!

    OK, we don't have to go there.

    1. I am very liberal. anybody who calls themselves haredi and wants to be called haredi, as clearly [some of?] the chabadniks do, I am fine with calling them haredi (within a certain ballpark I guess)

  2. I had a talmid 21 years ago who was actively recruited by the Air Force to join pilot school. He decided to stay in Yeshiva. We are all very proud of him. He eventually became a rebbe in yeshiva himself.


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