Feb 7, 2017

SodaStream's new product labeling with Israeli flag

SodaStream is making a big change to their product labeling around the world, and it could have a major effect on their business.

SodaStream announced that they will be adding the following image to their labels - an Israeli flag with a notice about the production line made up of Arabs and Israelis working side by side:

They say they take pride in this and are not afraid of any potential backlash by clearly labeling it as being made in Israel. The CEO also added that he wishes every company would label their products with an Israeli flag, show pride in Israeli manufacturing and values and be an ambassador for Israel to the world.

I love the label, and I agree with the sentiment expressed by the CEO. My only concern is not that SodaStream might suffer by clearly labeling themselves as Israeli but that such a label - not the flag, but the text they included, might cause consumers around the world to look extra carefully at other labels and products without something similar might get boycotted. They might very well start an alternate boycott with this message, that many others might suffer from.

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  1. The bigger problem is that I suspect people will see the flag without reading the text beneath it.

  2. So if other companies want to sell to the antis, give those people what they want and hire Arabs and Jews to work side by side in peace and harmony.

  3. Way to go, SodaStream! If the people read the text under the flag, they will understand.


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