Mar 1, 2017

"High Society" in Hebrew

I learned a new Hebrew word today.

High Society. That's right. High Society. Or, in the colloquial, היי-סוסייטי.

According to Kikar, Beis Yaakov Hayashan has decided to open a new seminary as a way of avoiding the problem of girls registering for their school and not getting accepted and it leading to girls being left out of school and then trouble with the authorities. They are targeting, with this new school, more "modern", "high society", Haredim.

Mind you, high society and modern do not refer to Haredim from working families, who might wear colored shirts. Rather, it is going to be modern and high scoiety in the sense that it will target the daughters of Haredim from the "shpitz" yeshivas like Chevron Yeshiva and Beit Matisyahu. That is, regular Haredim who are snobby in a different way. Their goal will be to have a better education in this school, though that has yet to be defined. I would assume it means better education in the sense of secular studies, otherwise the concept doesn't make sense.

High Society.

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