Mar 7, 2017

Husan residents apologize to Betar

Just a few short weeks ago there was a report about how the IDF closed off entry to the Arab village of Husan thus preventing the residents of neighboring Jewish town of Betar from entering to do their business there. The cause was the increased stone throwing incidents coming from the youth of Husan on to passing vehicles on the road below. The residents of Husan were upset as they stood to lose a lot of business, as Betar residents enter Husan to have their cars fixed, along with buying building materials, among other things. The residents of Betar were upset because they would now have to spend more money elsewhere to do the same things, and more time to pick up their equipment or get their cars fixed at other places farther away.

It looks like the IDF plan worked. The residents of Husan have published a letter they sent to the people of Betar apologizing for the stone throwing and expressing their intentions to pay and recompense for any damage caused.

In the letter they blame the issues on local youth that are out of control and are bored as they are not in schools and then get involved in things the local community does not approve of.

They express their desire to keep the good relations and the working relationship between the communities. They want to continue entering Betar to build the new houses and dont want to be kept out and lose their source of income.
sources: Kikar and Jewish Press

This is a fascinating turn of events. If they actually put forth the effort to stop the kids from throwing stones and keep the road safe, the IDF plan will have worked. "Economic Peace" works, at least to some extent.

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  1. Isn't entry into Husan forbidden to Israeli Jews?
    Joel Rich

  2. if it is forbidden it isnt normally enforced. I am not sure.


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