May 11, 2017

Facebook Status of the Day

Brief rundown of what happened:
The wife of Yisrael Cohen was riding the bus 4255 from Ohr Yehuda to Jerusalem. Opposite him was sitting, behind the driver, the Haredi fellow depicted in the picture attached to the post. At one of the stops, a soldier gets on the bus with his gun and massive duffel bag, seemingly going home for Shabbos. The driver asked him for his soldier ID, as required to let him on without payment, but he could not find it in his pockets and the documents he did have were not sufficient for the driver.

Without the "choger", the soldier ID, the driver had to ask for payment for the ride. The soldier rifled through his pockets to get his money out, but the fellow behind the driver interceded and paid the driver without saying a word. The soldier then said to the tzaddik "wait - I have money!", the tzaddik depicted said "no way - you don't need to pay for serving ... soldiers don't pay"

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