May 16, 2017

Nissenkorn surprised that Shas is political

Next week there will be elections for the position of chairman of the Histadrut labor union.

The current chairman of the Histadrut, Avi Nissenkorn, running for re-election, is frustrated that Shas made a deal with one of his opponents, Shely Yachimovitz.

According to Nissenkorn, Shas should have made a professional decision, a decision based on values and gratitude, to support him, but instead they made a political decision. Nissenkorn says he helped the haredi community a lot in his position as chairman, and he lists many examples. According to Nissenkorn, Shas made their deal with Yachimovitz, because however much he had promised Shas and done for them in the past, Yachimovitz promised more for their support.

Good morning, Mr. Nissenkorn. Shas, a political party, made a decision to support a candidate based on political issues and on who would promise them more. Does Mr Nissenkorn not know how the system works - how any political party works, let alone Shas (as a reminder, 10 years ago I coined the term "Shastitutes")?

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