May 23, 2017

the Trump note

great historic visit - first ever visit to the Kotel by a sitting US president (not just by a presidential candidate, a president elect or a former president).


So, what do you think Trump wrote on the note he stuck into the crevice of the wall?

Was it:
1. for divine intervention in the investigations against him back home?
2. for divine intervention in all the extreme opposition to him back home?
3. something more personal, such as request for good health, financial success, family members, etc?
4. something like, I have to make crevices for notes in the Mexican wall as well? do the crevices go on the Mexican side or the US side or both? Can I charge for putting notes into the wall?

anything else?

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  1. So close, but still missed the obvious: God, I really like what you did with this wall. Can we discuss Mexico?"

  2. IMO, the historic part was the first US President in a long time to put the ball in Islam's court and to call the kettle black.
    About the note, I heard the Rav Kotel say that ASAP after the note was placed, they cleared away that whole section to move the notes elsewhere in order to prevent the chilul Hashem (him and Kol Chai's Nimran both said that explicitly) that occurred with Obama, and the rav prays they got the right one.


  4. Rabbi Eichler said (and I kid you not), that he went to show the Reform proper respect at the Wall by going to the Men's side while his daughter went to the Women's side.
    That may have cost him the Reform Jewish Vote.....


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