Jul 12, 2017

bringing religion into the public schools? all the truth here (video)

an argument, or point, I saw online in this debate, which I think I agree with, is that the same people who valiantly fought to force the Haredi community in the previous government to study core curriculum studies and to join the army, are now upset that they are being forced to incorporate some Jewish studies into their curriculum.

Personally I think both are important. Jewish studies for the secular so they will be familiar with at least the basics of Jewish tradition and history, and STEM studies in religious schools so they will be familiar with at least the basics of general knowledge.

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  1. I recall that Ben-Gurion insisted that "Toda'ah Yehudit" be taught in all mamlachti schools.

  2. Think since Oslo they took out anything that deals with Judaism from the public schools, but did incorporate teaching diversity, i.e, about other religions. This was the start of outright deJudaizing Israel. Everything went downhill from there.


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