Jul 16, 2017

Interesting Psak: Flying Motzash

It seems recently the rabbis have either discovered ethods of chilul shabbos they were not aware of before or they are just taking on more issues than before..but it seems that this topic of chilul shabbos keeps somehow expanding, especially very recently.

Rav Meir Mazuz said in his shiur that one should not fly out of Israel on Saturday night flights. The reason being that the preparations made by the airlines for the flight take place on Shabbos and involve chilul shabbos.

Rav Mazuz refers to a time when he first flew out of Israel and it was on behalf of his yeshiva. The flight was at 10pm, and he started to have strong pains, as well as having forgotten half his medications on the plane and half his seforim as well. When trying to figure out why this was happening to him, he came across an article written by the Lubavitcher Rebbe about not flying on Saturday nights because of the preparations done for the flight on Shabbos, and he realized this was the cause.

Rav azuz concludes by saying that everyone is worried about preventing the flights from leaving on Shabbos, and as long as the flights go on Motzash everyone is happy...but that is wrong, as chilul shabbos still happens in preparation for the flight.
source: Kikar

Rav Mazuz does not say when it is ok to fly, how much in advance before the flight is needed in order to avoid chilul shabbos. Meaning, is a midnight flight ok with enough time to prepare after Shabbos? Maybe not any flight before, say, Sunday at 6am? At what point does the flight no longer incorporate chilul shabbos?

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  1. Assuming that most of the passengers are Jews, it would seem that it really is forbidden to benefit from the preparations made on Shabbos, until such a time as they could have been done at night - "בכדי שייעשו"


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