Jul 16, 2017

The Evil Trinity of Judaism according to Haaretz

So, as a result of the wedding that took place recently during the Maccabia games, Haaretz has declared that both the Maccabia and Jewish weddings are racist.

(note - the article is behind the Haaretz paywall. I dont think you can see the entire thing from the direct link posted above, but if you go through the link posted to Facebook, you should be able to see the entire article. At least i was able to)

The Maccabia is racist because of being an event just for Jewish athletes. Jewish weddings are racist because they promote weddings only between Jews and do not include non-Jews. And being proud and supportive of someone who converted to Judaism is also racist. Combine the three together, as the recent Maccabia wedding did, and you have the evil trinity.

A discussion around the Maccabia games would not be so bad. I think they are unnecessary now in the format they have been running. Perhaps they can be changed to being something supportive of Israel and opening it up to non-Jews. Plenty already participate anyway, just make it more official.

Regarding weddings and conversions, I am not even sure what to say. Haaretz thinks Jewish weddings are racist and conversions are racist? We shouldn't promote Jewish marriage? Have they fallen off the planet? Has the extreme heat in Israel gotten to them?

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  1. Ha'aretz is virulently anti-religious, and especially anti-Judaism.

  2. Now, why should it matter what the rag, Haaretz paper, thinks, says or writes. They are an anti-semitic, literally, rag. Aren't they a German owned news(?)paper? This is the whole problem the 'world' is run now by the leftists and those who run Israel are part of it.

  3. I tried to find it using the Facebook link but all it gave was a blank page.
    Looking at the link you gave, please note that this is not an editorial. It is an opinion piece written probably their TV correspondent or guest writer. A complaint can and should be made to the editor to ask if this is official policy. I don't think it is, and he could lose his job over this, if enough make a noise about it.

  4. Wow - I finally ready the article and am having trouble to find words...this guy seems to be really looking for things to get offended about (to the point of contradicting himself, if Marrying Jews is racist, because Jews are a race, how is it possible to convert? Can you convert to other races? What if i want to convert to Black so I can marry a black woman?

    Anyway, the columnist missed several other important points which he should have got offended about, he wedding was not only racist, but was also homophobic, because the people identified as different genders, or at least as far as we know they did.

    It was also classist, because they probably and a ring which cost money and not not everyone can afford a ring.
    Also, there may have been an engagement ring with a diamond - don't even get me started on blood diamonds and oppression of the African people.

    For that matter, the fact that it was broadcast on a TV in Hebrew raises a whole load of points which could be potentially offensive.

    I'm heading back to my safe space before anyone does anything else which might offend me....


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